This band has based its entire existence endeavoring to inspire people to contemplate and care about the things that matter most. For more info on NEEDTOBREATHE, visit the JFH Artists Database. Rinehart's. This band has based its entire existence endeavoring to inspire people to contemplate and care about the things that matter most. Thats not what were trying to do. But it's been really freeing, I think. Articles But shortly before the release of their last studio album in 2020, the guitarist decided to step away from the band. We were writing songs. Sean Kennedy. While we wanted to make sure we shared the immediate news with our friends, family, and fans, we are honoring Bos personal wishes to share his vision for his future plans on his own timeline and in his own words. I think weve been able to keep that dream alive. ihad so much fun making that record, that I knew it would be possible for NEEDTOBREATHE to make a record like that. We grew up with church music, and for millions of people gospel music is a lifeline. The bandreleased its first independent album in 2001, recorded in Bolt's newly-formed Plantation Studios. Strategy. Bo, born on December 31st, 1981, began singing as a young child. You can keep up with Bo on his journey by following him on Instagram @borinehart3. Health is the basis of everything, explains Bear, whose wife is a nurse practicioner. He married Mary Reames. Coy Roy General You may opt-out by. [30] Originally set to be titled "Wasteland",[32] the album takes its name from Isaiah 43:19. When needtobreathe first hit the scene in 2006, I had the chance to interview lead singer Bear Rinehart about the bands beginnings and how he and his brother Bo were impacted by their unique childhood experiences. A year and a half ago, the three band members who make up Needtobreathe thought their touring days were done. When you're feelin' low. It helps them survive. Guitarist, banjo player and mandolin player most famous for being a member of the popular Christian rock act Needtobreathe. We wouldnt even make it to dinner before me and Bo would be in a room together, hashing it out, he says. 'I remember being a young kid in a band and fearing that everybody in the audience was watching how bad of a guitar player I was. Hard love. From tornados in the town we live in, to the current pandemic that is affecting everyone in so many ways, it pains us to have to come to you with disappointing news. Check out the NEEDTOBREATHE's official announcement below: "A message from NEEDTOBREATHE: The last few weeks have been an incredibly tough time on the world. NEEDTOBREATHE. I don't know how it started, my dad is a little bit insane, but it was always crab legs for Christmas," Bear said. 11 on the Triple A chart. But you can't always stick to what you're comfortable with. "Afterwards, we went, 'Man, what are we doing?' We realized our. The edges of their eyes curl in the same mischievous way. [9][10], After signing with both Atlantic Records and Sparrow Records, the band went to the UK to record their first studio album, Daylight, with producer Andy Green. Bos visual and musical artistry has always stood out for being brave, accomplished, and well respected by anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience it. Since then, NEEDTOBREATHE has released five critically acclaimed albums, has toured with Taylor Swift and appeared on major television programs including The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, and Conan. NEEDTOBREATHE has been equally embraced within the faith community where the band has won 10 Dove Awards and placed numerous singles on the Christian radio charts. Today, southern pop rock band NEEDTOBREATHE announced that founding member, and brother to lead singer Bear Rinehart, guitarist Bo Rinehart has decided to step down from the band. Bear Rinehart belts out lead vocals at the Forecastle Festival in Louisville, It was never something that we asked for, Bear tells me of their early airplay on Christian stations. Bo Rinehart's trademark Hard Love sneakers on tour. Defy the stereotypes people attach to you, Bear adds. And onstage, we would yell at each other in between songs. Bear's wife Mary has taken the reigns in preparing the meal, and as Bear told us recently, she's a well-prepared host. They stopped hanging out, writing together, and eventually required separate dressing rooms on tour. We were able to take some time off and look back at the situation. Realizing they had gone too far, the Rineharts apologized to each other and vowed to never again put showbiz before family. Most of the people in the crowd arent here for Bear and Bo. Southampton Middle School, MD. Going home to their parents house for holidays was a nightmare, the singer adds. We're always observing, always taking notes. Bear was a star football player at Furman University and was talented enough to pursue a career beyond his college. We do it because God gave us this gift, but it cant be more important than anything else. While the albums songs and lyrics outwardly lay bare the bands recentstruggles with titles like Dont Bring That Trouble, No Excuses, and Happiness, its also a radical departure in style and sound from their previous five albums and proof that you often have to push new boundaries to get back to your foundations. In a heartfelt message to fans, NEEDTOBREATHE stated their commitment to move forward with a new chapter for the band while wishing Bo the best in his future projects. "Man, it's incredible," Rinehart says. Seth Bolt Fans Also Viewed . We wanted people that would never go to a Christian store or go to a church to listen to music to be able to get into our music. The last few weeks have been an incredibly tough time on the world. Bear and Bo Rinehearts lives could have gone a lot of different directions. Marisa Brown, writing at AllMusic and Billboard, has referenced this album in helping to "establish the band as one of Christian rock's most successful newcomers. But having been raised on a church campground in South Carolina where their artistically gifted parents were the caretakers, it seemed only natural that their love of music would dictate the path they would collectively walk. "Brother" is a song by American Christian rock band Needtobreathe. [45] Into the Mystery reached No. Contact: (415) 776-7457, But I really think that this record is what were all about and I do think its similar to how we grew up and what it would be like if werent trying to make records and if we didnt have the mics turned up. [3] Hard Love debuted at No. Rinehart: Weve been very fortunate in that way. "Bo and I have one of the weirdest southern traditions. Bear Rinehart and bassist Seth Bolt on stage at Forecastle Festival, Needtobreathe gets a standing ovation at Red Rocks Amphitheater, We always wanted to make our living on the road like James Brown and Willie Nelson, says Bear. We're crushing it. A lot of times, a record, when youre writing it, is so raw. Academics definitely took the back seat. Covered by Dawson Coyle. Boar fight with ferocity. I really enjoyed it. But we have continued to make music because as a band, we acknowledge that we are just one piece of NEEDTOBREATHE; that through yall and the grace of God, NEEDTOBREATHE has become much more. I think this new record (Rivers In The Wasteland) is the most vulnerable that weve been. "We saw it as this new frontier that we had never touched. Bear was a star football player at Furman University and was talented enough to pursue a career beyond his college days. What happened between Bo and Bear Rinehart? Everything else that happens on the radio is just a bonus.. There were a lot of our friends and some other artists that saw us during that time and they would come to us and tell us how our music had impacted them. Rinehart: Definitely. But for brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart, their Southern roots run deep, no matter where they go. They sang gospel in church, and played every instrument that they could get their fingers on, relentlessly trying to outdo each other the way brothers do. When you ask the brothers Rinehartabout the stigma of being called a religious band youd expect them to cringeespecially at a Millennial music festival that features mostly a progressive, alt-pop line up. The fans we found were simply the ones who were open to our story., Bear Rinehart plays "Washed By The Water" at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater. Bo Rinehart, Bear Rinehart. Our brother Bo has decided to step away from NEEDTOBREATHE. Were humbled by our fans and the way theyve helped us to open the first medical center in Tola, says Bear. Bonham: Ive never seen anything like whats happened with this band. In between broken ribs,. I really love it," Bear said with a smile. Before attending college he worked in mass communication and television production for Cable-4-York. We are so excited for our next chapter as a band, and we cant wait to show you what weve been working on. His active involvement in this band doesnt change that. [4], The band has resisted labels as specific as such in the past, explaining to Rolling Stone in 2016 in the following statement, "any label is limiting. Jan 9, 2018. [4] The band has also charted with a number of singles, including "Washed by the Water" (2007), which reached No. Their father, a pastor, was a regular on the country music variety show Hee Haw. They may be performing way out on the west coast, but you'd better believe Bear will know the game's score every Saturday. All Rights Reserved. The fraternal rivalry would ironically make them both better at everything. Your account has been registered, and you are now logged in. On stage theyve mastered the art of communicating with each other non-verbally to work the crowd. We couldnt see the end of it before we started and we didnt know how it was going to wrap up. While the Rinehart brothers grew up in South Carolina, their loyalty to Alabama football is unrivaled, as they previously told Southern Living.", "#349 - "Wake Up" by All Sons & Daughters",, Christian rock groups from South Carolina, Alternative rock groups from South Carolina, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2021, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2022, Articles needing additional references from December 2021, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year, Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song ("Multiplied"), Top Christian Album ("Rivers in the Wasteland"), William Stanley "Bear" Rinehart III (2001present) (born September 6, 1980, in. They sell their sound door to door, and have built a loyal, passionate ground game working18 hour days while also being husbands and fathers. So many kids came over the summer. . He broke through and changed everything. Our band has been through so many seasons together and each of us (and our families) have had to sacrifice a great deal to pursue this dream. God allowed us to finish the process, but it was like He was reminding us that we have to trust Him moving forward. The Wilder Woods thing was was just something I needed to doto work with some other people. Debut Act NEEDTOBREATHE Lands CCM Cover Story", "Tony Bennett Scores First #1 On Billboard 200 Music, Celebrity, Artist News", "Taylor Swift Adds NeedtoBreathe to Her Speak Now Tour", "Rivers in The Wasteland Available 04.15.14", "NEEDTOBREATHE Find 'Rivers in the Wasteland' [Interview]", "Ugly Fist Fight Nearly Breaks Up Needtobreathe", "Hard Love: What America's Most Popular Band You've Never Heard Of Wants To Teach Every Entrepreneur", "Bear Rinehart, 'We're having more fun than we've ever had before', "Needtobreathe announce details for 'Tour De Compadres', "Drake's 'Views' No. In 2004, they followed with two four-song EPs, one of which piqued the interest ofUniversal Music Group. This week's ExTech newsletter is on how Google was caught off guard by ChatGPT and has launched a big AI counteroffensive with the launch of Google DeepMind. 2022 NewReleaseToday Birthplace Greenville, SC . Check out the NEEDTOBREATHE's official announcement below: Nothing was in the works. Bear's wife Mary has taken the reigns in preparing the meal, and as Bear told us recently, she's a well-prepared host. Bonham: What is the general theme that tends to come out of your music? "Hurricane" peaked at No. We think it would be great on just a Tuesday too! This process has felt like an absolute gift. "The last few weeks have been an incredibly tough time on the world. It hasnt always gone according to plan, but at the same time, weve been really fortunate to do what we set out to do, which was make music for as many people as possible.
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