This is its so crude you couldnt even call it a hack job., The cycle had failed. It was worse than an organically emergent simulation, but in a process that saw the planet revolve three hundred times around its star, it could be necessary in the final years, consolidating and sorting information, forcibly exploring the resources the planet had to offer. As a chunk of broken concrete platform floated near him, he sprayed it with a gush from the syringe. She first appeared in Lausanne, Switzerland in December 2002[14], and initially appeared benevolent and cooperative while psychically manipulating the people around her for three days, [15] after which she let out her first 'audible' psychic scream. I- I started. Nice work, damien. For more information, please see our [92] Eidolon is also a blind spot;[192][193][2] by design, he is capable of stopping the Simurgh in combat. She can think ahead to endgame, and we dont know how to play. -, The silver woman was silent, but the silence spoke volumes. Weve learned from mistakes. A note about the current Ukraine situation: The rules regarding NSFW links have been updated. -. Hit the wing! Narwhal called out. Status Machines tore into her and studied her. We had seconds, a minute or two if we were lucky, to catch our breath, to think, plan and communicate. [84] Jess claimed Sphere was working on a clean energy source to power whole cities;[85] he was already a vulnerable target because of his other major projects. An attack that bypassed the forcefields. Hes using supercharged gravity to try to pin her down and simultaneously take out any of the clones she spits out. By the time the Protectorate gets an emergency response going most of the people in the city could have already been Simurghed. Worm: More Than Meets The Eye (follows Femslash February 2019) by Metallix666 (112 chapters, . I simply cant envision their towering, nightmarish forms anymore when all I see staring back at me is their concerned eyes. The Simurgh and Wyrm, still hovering in the sky. That hadnt been him. Ok, not unheard of. The Simurgh (Pronounced "see-MOORG" or "SEE-moorg" in US English [35] and "sim-MOORG" in UK English [36]) is one of the three original Endbringers, alongside Behemoth and Leviathan. - Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles, Keep in mind, also, that the shards aren't inclined to let people sit around and spend months of time working on side projects without getting any dose of conflict. Two ways where she, Against the Endbringers, there are really only two individuals who can stop them, drive them away. [32], Simurgh switched her nest from Kronos to Fortuna. [165] For example, the Simurgh would require a series of passes[152] (over days, weeks, or months) to thoroughly scan and really understand a subject. A compilation of various oneshots I've done centered around Human!Endbringers. Your mom said it was your destiny to fuck the Simurgh? The Simurgh had crafted another gun. Precognition, I guess? -. "Simurgh" is a benevolent, mythical flying creature. [89], If she is unable to fulfill any of these drives, she will take actions that work towards making it possible again. There was a distant rumble. Monster, Not a Hero 2: Animorphs/My Hero Academia24. For example, Victoria Dallon after coming to terms with the Fragile One[243] is highly resistant because she has been dealing with her obvious weak spots for years. Glimmer (She-Ra) Crossover Superheroes Fantasy Science Fiction As the multiverse steels itself for the apocalyptic breaking of the ice, the Simurgh makes a visit to Earth Shin, leaving a plethora of Tinkertech in a small area near Shin's portal with Gimel before disappearing. The bird was standing on the floor of its home, slowly, steadily and monotonously banging its head against the raised metal lip of the cage. She sees not the obstacle, but she can see things that are set in motion around it. [161], Acting as her passive sonar system, the Simurgh's 'silent scream' constantly collects low-feedback information about the environment, even when she is in her hibernation state. It would cross his mind that if circumstances were different, he would be attracted to someone like the heroine, followed by the thought that he could think that way because his -or Lab Rats- sister was as different from the heroine as was possible, while still being a girl. -, No scream from the Simurgh. [117] Before the start of a fight, she also has a tendency to reach a position and then remain still while waiting for her opponents to come to her. Dragon is immensely powerful, but she, like any tinker, is dependent on her pre-established work to function at optimal capacity. At least 9 years[14][15] (Older than Khonsu, Bohu, and Tohu)[16][17] This Fanfic is a rewrite of Can Endbringers be Dummy Thicc?. Three or four billion years would pass before one of the entities returned to this world. It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds such as Arabic Anq, Persian Hom or Turkic Kerks, Semrug, Semurg, Samran, and Samruk. Torso was running around like an idiot. [119] Tattletale believes the Simurgh shares some sense of kinship with her siblings. For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost;For the sake of glory, the world paid a cost.For death of a man, the child was broken;For the sake of the world, the crown was taken. She seemed human, but fifteen or so feet tall, waif-thin, and unclothed. -, Overlaying to satellite image of the area., As was I, for the latter part. I saw the Simurgh block Crystalclears thrown crystal with a bit of debris. [330] Simurgh had managed to outplan the titan. the back door of the house opened into an enclosed back patio with a dining room table and heavy green curtains blocking each of the windows. She gave no sign shed listened. Im fucking annoyed with this. He has a power that messes with precogs some, and the, She can see the events as they would unfold, and carries out her activities in plain sight. This time, I was pretty sure, it was because she was leaving. Cinereal gave me my reply. She was weakened, he was relatively clear of her scream, and that weakened her predictive power. [154][155][156], The Simurgh's psychic echolocation is not interdimensional. - Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles. [69][70][71][72][73][74][75] On one occasion, she physically intercepted the path of a transmission to a satellite with her body; her dense signature gave off strange signals[76] that scrambled this transmission, which stopped Dragon from getting information from Panacea. Often, this is the point of their death. To go to war against her creator. The Simurgh TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Intrigue, IT FUELS ME. For most teenagers, coming down for breakfast and meeting your father's new significant other is something that is rather shocking and disorienting. -, It felt bad. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. [185][186], A tuned Stilling attack, such as one from Scion, can momentarily cancel her active scream. Privacy Policy. I don't know about your writing style or the plot you have in your head but the possibility is just not worth it. As for what his action was, that was what was decided late, on little sleep. Defiants head turned, as if Tattletale had said something. [AltPower!Taylor / Worm] | Page 134, The Reapers - Crystalizing [Worm x Cradle Crossover], The Undersiders and the Holy Grail | Worm x Monty Python. Where enough different strikes intersected enough times, that which lay within broke away, falling back to reveal something else on the other side. Messages From An Angel Taylor talks to the Simurgh via PHO I believe. JavaScript is disabled. I am Contessa, and I have a little challenge all set up for you. But she faces an obstacle that she is utterly blind to, now. By placing a target in a stressful environment, this can be used to cause hallucinations. - Comment by Wildbow on. It'd be interesting to see what she'd get from that i believe what Danny triggered here instead of Taylor and QA is blocking Eidolon`s control over Endbringers. And, Beautiful in every conventional sense, in that every classically attractive feature was there, from the delicate, thin frame to the high cheekbones to the luxurious hair horrifying in the manner it was all, The Simurgh twisted in the air, staring at us with eyes that had nothing to them. -, I was familiar with my power acting of its own volition. -, Way I understand it, she needs to have a tinker in her sphere of influence to borrow their schematics, or a specific device, if she wants to copy it. Her hair whipped around her, nearly as long as she was tall and platinum-white. Its a fresh start. The Fragile One held one of the syringes Id had her knock to the floor in the first move. Kronos. [332] Meanwhile, Simurgh-compromised individuals put pressure on the Wardens thinkers. 1. Addison? As Leviathan is first among the creatures of the water, and Behemoth is first among the creatures of the land, Ziz is first among the creatures of the air. Discard the useless elements, maintain the pivotal ones. -, As I see it, the Endbringers have the attacker's advantage. Screamed? Attacked Paris on December 19th 2012 and accessed Earth Shin. [187] The Bakunawa Zero can send out pulses capable of disrupting powers[188] to scramble the Simurgh's signal.[185]. [185] Eidolon built her from structures that presumably have the common ability of flight. Not talking, just gestures, I guess. [162][163], Unlike her active scream, her silent scream does not exert a psychic pressure. What had his name been? :D Now no one wins! The stone can be a series of billiard balls instead, one striking another, striking another in turn. - Wildbow. A Young Girl wakes up in a hospital and ponders just what heroes are made of. But in a good way. Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. There, The screaming, at the very least, didnt feel that bad. [189], As the strength of her signal depends on proximity, the intensity of her psychic pressure and the amount of exposure received depend on one's distance from the Simurgh. Spammers have used them all before you and gotten those names flagged in the anti-spam databases. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. - Wildbow. Expect crack, bad flash fictions, and/or discontinued snippets. -, The remaining three Endbringers [] were created for a different paradigm and purpose. -, I dont know what it is. So.are the attacks benchedor do they just leave for a few hours to fuck shit up then go back to being 'nice'? I lifted her. This happens if he does. Given how shard shenanigans cause all the conflict in Worm and the Simurgh is well, The. Agatha H. and the Bay of Capes 2-Jaegering Around: Girl Genius/Worm21. Eidolon learns that he has six children because his power acts without his conscious knowledge. The Morrgan (Unviable Clone-Hybrid)[18][19] Defiant! I called over. Did anyone else catch the mention of the water crisis? If I'm not 100% mortified by its mere existence, it will likely wind up here eventually. I knew Sveta and Tristan would be boarding it. [181], The Simurgh can telekinetically create and control "decoys" made from debris. She doesnt have her hooks in you, but she- Tattletales voice was cut off as she got clear of a cascade of bits of ceiling, high above us. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The most shocking part of it all was the, She turned to one side, and Krouse could make out her face. [64][65] Multiple space programs exist,[66] and satellites are still in use during[67][68] and after Gold Morning. Given enough time, she can work around blind spots to some extent. Scion is one. The amount of trolling Me!Ziz can do to QA using Taylor as a medium is too much to waste. Tropes: Attention Deficit. Its sensors were his eyes, its air intake his lungs, its considerable power source his heart. [47] That said, she is capable of raising a rare smile. Each of us is worth a hundred other capes, if not more. Escaping. Well this is going to end in fire, tears, and most likely Piggot laughing maniacaly as Ziz trolls the everloving fuck out of her. She grew again, and I didnt lose my grip. Where had the Simurgh been in contact with a tinker with that particular knowledge? [115] Indeed, her siblings have their own objectives; they have their own criteria for attacking vulnerable targets. Hers and Kid Wins. Its distracting and theres probably a point to it. Until-, She had other drives. A shop that sells items that may or may not change the very definition on an S-Class Threat. . He landed, hugging his syringe, and rolled with the landing, before crouching, both hands at a terminal on the syringes side. [34], The Simurgh has incredible durability, at least for her largest wing,[309] and can regenerate[149] thanks to her Endbringer physiology. Spread out over several targets at once, it serves as her primary sense. It does sound like a BB Expy. [216] According to Tattletale, the Simurgh knows she will be blind sometimes; in a fight, the Endbringer collects and stacks pieces to ideally reach a point where she has so many factors on her side that she can make blind moves and still win. The younger siblings are harder to target, but their birthplace is studded with temporal anomalies. You were dealing with the Simurgh., "Tattletale said the thinkers are analyzing Titan Fortuna and the Simurgh. Ward Debut -. The water finished pouring out, and the Morrgan took its first steps. That happened, we don't really know if it's Amy or Victoria that will get Simurghed but I think that one of the two will die. When Gold Morning occurred, the Simurgh concludes that Scion is now an obstacle to remove:[92] she starts planning for his death via hijacking Dinah's plot[93] of creating Khepri[94][95] and also begins planning for events after his death. A city in black and white, with a shadow of gold due to the prevalence of the solar windows reflecting tinted light down onto snow. She has no alias, and no home. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. [267][279][280] On one occasion, she picked up six buildings to orbit around her. - Wildbow, Wildbow on Discord, Archived on Spacebattles, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Wildbow commented on March 30, 2015, that the Simurgh is the only. Then she fired the guns. Like she was the thinnest of lace, formed of feathers harder than steel. [291] This Manton limit even extends to non-living materials that become part of one's identity;[292] the Simurgh cannot use her telekinesis directly on the Marduk[293] as Defiant truly considered the ship as part of him when plugged in. Cold. -, This was planned from some time ago. Sub-Terrestrial Lifeforms: Tremors/Buffy the Vampire Slayer5. Just from the stresses. [166], Acting as her active sonar system, the Simurgh's 'active scream' is a psionic signal that she consciously chooses to emit that collects a steady feed of information about the environment. [49], The Simurgh refers to herself as female. Things are better this time, Sveta said. Dragons spherical craft was crackling, sending out spherical waves that rippled over the crowd, over parts of the battlefield. The Cheit portal was the biggest case of it. A woman with a black costume, a heavy cape and straight black hair flowing from the back of her helmet led the charge. An Endbringer who runs a shop. Driving me crazy.. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. [173][174][175] In close proximity, the Simurgh's signal strength is at its strongest;[176][177] her signal strength is at its weakest near the edge of her active scream range. Instead, like watercolor paint, a different perspective began to bleed into the surrounding sky, too bright, too blue a sky, with pale, squat buildings almost glowing in the comparative absence of clouds. However, the Machine Army soon forces Dragon to focus on preventing them from collecting the Simurgh's lost body parts. She made him better. Picked up details from tinkers and executed it via. For more information, please see our Messages, impulses, and a noise that ears werent receptive to reached into a pregnant belly and they filled the child with rage. [148] Parts of her body are described as being "hollow", or made entirely from carefully placed wings or feathers, which trace the outline of any body parts she may have lost in combat. We know theres some rules they follow, though we dont know why. Explains everything. [88], Should the Simurgh notice a non-sabotaged individual trying to build legitimate spaceships to mass evacuate Earth Bet, she would make attempts to corrupt or destroy this individual and thus keep being able to satisfy her drive to glean information. [112] Although she makes no further attempts to clone Eidolon over the next two years,[113][114] the Simurgh plans on recreating him to be her nemesis once she has merged with Titan Fortuna and set up her forced simulation. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. Saw Svetas hurt, as she held one arm to a bicep, where tendrils were especially active. She also attacked Madison, Wisconsin, in December 2009. [222][223][224], The psionic signal of her active scream exerts a psychic pressure[153][169] that the minds of living beings (e.g., animals and people[12]) interpret as an impossibly high and drawn out scream. [98][89][99][100] In this forced simulation, humanity is in a caste system[101] and pushed to its limit[90] in a ceaseless struggle to hurt one another with provided tools and powers. [48] As she believes the cycle had failed and that the world would eventually be shattered after Scion's death if left alone,[96] the Simurgh explicitly intends to merge with Titan Fortuna,[40][97] take control of Fortuna's network, and start creating a forced simulation. [183][184] When going all out, she can deliberately stop using her active scream to better hide her presence[164] and set up ambushes. He can probably detect the scream, and he can probably undo the damage for critical individuals. Memories of a Simurgh Victim - Diabolus ex Machina A Worm fanfiction story in which the Simurgh visits Brockton Bay. There's No Way My New Little Sister Can Be The Simurgh! With no satellites to use for remote access except the ones she deployed after passing through the portal, she was limited in what she could do. The city was quiet, and the roads leading into the city were being watched by satellite. [98], The Simurgh appears as a fifteen-foot tall human woman, waif-thin and unclothed with pale white skin. Fucking an Endbringer is pretty great. [336] Using the cover provided by the surrounding ruined cityscape, she tries to dodge the relentless attacks from Dauntless until she eventually gets close enough for Fortuna's group to make its move, causing Dauntless to stop his attacks. For want of a nail, the High Priest was dethroned. Satellite camera. We had to fly to reach barren versions of this Earth, where we form our structures and our routines so we can conserve and distribute energy, process, and provide the mechanisms for.
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